Well, it is in place, looks GREAT!!!!
What do you think, are you pleased?
The neck pocket is snug and I might very slightly relieve it to accommodate temp and humidity changes, other than that it is a perfect fit!!!!!!

Looking forward to our next project.


Hi Peter,

The pick-guard came in tonight! I just wanted to say very huge thank you on this!! I love the color and finish on this one πŸ™‚

I’ll tinker around with getting it hooked up and follow up in the next few days.


Here is the Joe Perry ready. The client is very satisfied Thanks again.

Will order again – And many thanks what you did for us !!!!

maple pickguard, dark natural Strat
Moose's nice natural Strat

Hey Pete
I am super happy with the pickguard. It compliments the birdseye maple perfectly, I wouldn’t change a thing.
My pleasure doing business w/you (this one was a customer’s own cut in a natural quilted – P.)
Best, Moose
Moose – FL – USA

Hi Peter
Yes I received it a while ago, I’m very happy of course. It’s exactly what I wanted, it goes perfectly with the colours of my Strat.

Now it’s really MY guitar if you know what I mean, she’s unique.
It’s perfect, you did a great job there, thank you
Regards….. Adrien G. – France

birdseye maple pickguard on OW strat
Adrien G's Strat
aqua maple pickguard on trans white tele
Jack Grasso Tele

Hi Peter,
Sorry for the long overdue email/testimonial. I’ve attached several photos. Feel free to use any of them.
The pickguard is beautiful. It’s really more art than pickguard and adds a whole new personality to the guitar. As someone who really appreciates not just how a guitar sounds but how it looks I am delighted to have found out about your company and that you do what you do.
Thanks again, Peter. It really is such a cool piece.
Jack G. – USA

Hello Peter,
I just finished installing the pick guard, here are some pics, as you can see it is fitting perfectly, this one is just beautiful, congrats for your very nice work, fast shipping and all, really thank you.
Wish you the best.
Kind regards,
HervΓ© – France

black tiger maple pickguard black strat
Mark K - Black Tiger Strat

Hi Peter,
I just wanted to personally thank you for the amazing pickguard! It fit perfectly on my ’85 Japanese Fender, which now looks like it was attacked by a green tiger… Maybe it is my imagination but I swear it has more high-end now, thanks to the maple (sycamore) top, even when unplugged. Regardless, it now looks like the extremely high quality instrument I always considered it to be!
Thanks again,
Mark K – CA – USA

gold quilted maple pickguard, sunburst strat
Charles S - USA - gold on sunburst

She’s a beauty! Sounds amazing too with the new guts. I’m very happy.
Charles S – USA.

maple pickguard on sunburst Strat
David - USA - quilted strat

Just finished installing this beauty.
Thx again.
David – USA

green quilt maple pickguard white strat
Eric W Strat - green quilt on white

Wow – Thanks….
Eric W – CO – US

maple pickguard on sunburst Strat
David - USA - quilted strat

Just finished installing this beauty.
Thx again.
David – USA

birdseye maple pickguard black strat
Dean's Black Strat

from Dean R, AZ – USA
(This guitar is awesome, deep black, all gold hardware, Babicz trem – hopefully it translates on this ‘Gallery’ – Peter)
Dean R – AZ – USA

red maple pickguard black Strat
AlexH - red quilted maple on black Strat

Hi Peter,
The pick guard has arrived and looks great. I have fitted it and will send you a photo for your website in the next week or two. It fits fine.
Thanks for help with this.
Alex H. – UK

black quilt maple pickguard white Strat

Just picked it up this morning. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much, I will get pictures to you as soon as the body is painted.
Thanks again,
Charles S – MO – USA

Strat with blue quilt maple pickguard
Chip J's natural Strat

Wow Peter!
It came today, and I’m thrilled! Way better than I’d hoped. Thanks again, it looks amazing!
Chip J – UT – USA

purple figured maple pickguard
BruceD's Purple Strat

The pick guard is STUNNING!! Everything fit perfect, although I had to drill 2 smaller holes in it to allow for my toggle switches. It will compliment my tour rig very nicely, and I’ll refer many people to you….
The guitar I put your guard on is a 2011 American Standard Strat, with the racing stripes added to look like the Kenny Wayne Shepherd model. It has a Fishman Powerbridge and PowerChip, Seymour Duncan Everything pickup configuration, and a kill switch (the flat toggle).
Bruce D – KS – USA

Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service in regards to my order, I will be telling all my muso friends!
The pickguard (absolutely gorgeous) was received yesterday and I installed it onto my Jeff Beck last night.
It has given the guitar a brand new look and I’m extremely happy with it!
Thanks again Peter, all the best.
Andrew D – WA – Australia

quilted maple pickguard white Strat
Andrew D's White Strat

Hi Peter
Just got her together today!
I’m sitting here looking at the matching Strat & Tele right now…quite impressive, IMHO. Would love to sell them as a matching set!!!
I have some guitar shows coming up this winter. Who knows?
Thanks for all your help getting this crazy idea of mine together, anyway.
Sounds as good as she looks!
I can’t get over how good this strat sounds. Kind of like a regular strat’s evil twin.
Thanks…. Bobby C, (Dr. Mojo Custom Guitars) – TN – USA
Dr Mojo Guitars

Peter – I put these on they are spectacular!

The tele is mine, the strat we modified for our music director at the church I attend. Gave it to him Christmas Eve after music service. He loved it! Thx again.
Dave – USA

aqua maple pickguard OW P-Bass
Astrid's P-Bass

Good morning, Peter!
Here are some photos. A couple of them are pretty close to the subtle sea colours. 5 gigs between now and New Year so great opportunity to show off my ‘new’ bass!
Astrid D – Ireland

Hiya Pete,
I am absolutely stoked with the pickguard for my Tele. It just glows. When I look at all the other beautiful guards on the guitars on your site, it just makes me want to have a few more guitars. They are stunning, and really make all the guitars so much more exciting to look at. Great to see them going all over the world, and I hope your business thrives. It certainly deserves to. Thanks again so much.
Cheers, Paul
Paul P – UK

figured maple pickguard on Midnight Blue tele
Pauls Midnight Blue tele
orange figured maple pickguard black strat
Neal's orange figured maple pickguard

Hi Peter,
Just got the pickguard today and it looks great. It replaced a plain black pickguard on my black strat so the difference is pretty drastic and I love it. The curly maple is gorgeous and with my copper colored pickups, I think it’s an awesome look. Thanks for the great job with packing it up safely. It made the trip just fine.
Thanks again. It was a nice experience. Keep up the great work.
Neal P – NC – USA

Hello again,
The pickguards have arrived and I was very pleased with both guards and the packing. I have mounted BK-1 and can already tell that this has been a labour of love for you. The fit is perfect and the luster is deep and rich. I have enclosed photos of the ‘Tuxedo’, happy to be back.
Many thank-you’s for your wonderful efforts.
Peter W. – Canada

birdseye maple pickguard Airline Tuxedo
Airline Tuxedo

Hi Peter,
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you showed me in helping me choose a pick guard for my Squier Strat.
Going the extra mile as you did, in oiling the fretboard, adjusting the bridge for a lower action etc was just fantastic on your part.
The pick guard itself is amazing. The photos on your website don’t quite do them justice. I took the guitar in to one of the local guitar shops the next day and enquired about new pickups. Both the salesman, and the interstate Fender sales rep who just happened to be there by chance both commented on how awesome it looked.
You certainly produce a great product at a great price and deliver it with great customer service.
David G – NSW – Aus.

orange figured maple pickguard
David's Strat