The THD Quintet – General info and soundclips

General info re the THD QUINTET

The THD Quintet™ Tone Curve Module is a new and unique type of tone control designed to install into any electric guitar or bass with passive magnetic pickups. The Quintet uses no batteries, is 100% passive, and gives Five New Sounds from each of your existing pickup combinations. As with all THD products, they were handmade in the USA using the finest components available, and 100% tested before shipping.

Sound Files??? These clips apply to all versions of the Quintet

“Here ya go… (to quote Ed DeGenaro, previously of THD) there are 5 different presets…, kinda like a varitone.
Anyways, I tried it with a Strat…and some of the settings are way cool as add-ons. I really like the #4 position.

Some of the other settings sound like a half cocked wah.
Here are some clips if anyone is interested…”


Strat Middle pickup, first off, then Quintet ‘on’ in positions 4, 5, 1, 2, and 3


Strat Bridge with Middle pick-up, Quintet position 4 first, then off


Strat Neck with Middle pickups, first off, then Quintet ‘on’ in position 3


Strat Neck pickup, Quintet with position 5 on, then off


All files played/recorded by Ed DeGenaro at THD Seattle with the Quintet standalone Passive Pedal

Specs and Instruction .pdf files:

…. Quintet Specs

…. Quintet Information 5 or 6-switch models

…. Quintet Information No-Switch model

Wiring diagrams available on request…..