bookmatching veneers maple pickguard
prepping a Strat bookmatch
joining a Strat bookmatch maple pickguard
joining a Strat bookmatch
highly reflective polished 2-pak
highly reflective polished 2-pak
black pickguard edge maple pickguard
our edges are finished in multiple coats - black
black edge multiple coats maple pickguard
black edge multiple coats
aluminum rear shield on Strat pickguard
Aluminum rear shield on Strat maple pickguard

How do we make our unique pickguards??

Not just a random piece of a paper-backed veneer glued to a sheet of plastic…..

But – a long process that involves handling each pickguard around a hundred times from start to finish – maybe why no-one else is making a similar product. To make a FULL timber pickguard stable in all weather AND gigging conditions, we start with a base substrate that we build up from hardwood veneers, using marine-grade adhesives, bonded under extreme pressure.

This gives the required added acoustic qualities of our pickguards. Our blanks are pressed so densely, they ring when tapped – unlike plastic.

Book-matching of the face veneer is used for our Figured and Quilted maple pickguards, while Birdseye maple and some wider Quilted maples are available as one-piece face veneer.

The veneered blank is then fine-sanded and either stained or left ‘natural’. Multiple coats of sanding-sealer are applied, which is then leveled after curing, before multiple finish coats of 2-pak-urethanes  are applied.

Pre-2017 pickguard production have three coats of conductive shielding/EMF paint to reduce noise, shielding against 60 cycle hum etc.

Recent production have a FULL Aluminum rear shield, cut in-house from 0.1mm sheet, and adhered to the rear prior to shipping. So either way, you’re fully shielded…..

After the final topcoats are cured, usually taking two to three weeks, the face is levelled, cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. The reflective finish is difficult to show in the standard display photos on the product pages.

All pickup routs, mounting holes etc.. are sealed with multiple finish coats to prevent any moisture access. The outer shaped edges are chamfer-cut and also fully sealed, painted multiple coats. The edges of our current production are finished in satin black – this can be customised to your individual design if required.

After completion, each pickguard is then photographed and catalogued – so THE PICKGUARD THAT YOU PURCHASE IS THE ONE THAT YOU GET!

A ‘one and only’ pickguard, unique to you and your guitar.

Each Gilroy Guitars pickguard is fully guaranteed against production faults by a full replacement policy for 12 months, not including general wear and tear.

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