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$20 International Shipping

We can ship to almost any address in the world, with some country restrictions regarding international destinations.

 Shipping usually takes place within 24 hours for an in stock pickguard or item.
The packed weight of a single pickguard averages to around 250gm – up to three Strat/Tele pickguards usually will ship for the same cost, excluding larger Tele-types.
International shipping rates are currently set at $20 to the US and to EU countries. Shipping times will vary dependent on your country, customs etc.


Definitely…. multiple coats of high-gloss 2-Pak Urethane, and fully cured before polishing to a high gloss surface. We do not sell cheap oiled or unfinished pickguards.
All rout cuts, chamfered edges, drillholes etc are fully repainted against moisture damage

How long will my pickguard last

Probably as long as your guitar, or even longer…… Multiple coats of 2-Pak Urethanes ensure that zero moisture can enter to affect the 100% timber used.
Our 5-plys of custom hardwood with real maple top also ensures zero warpage over time….

Water and or humidity

our pickguards are 100% timber… treat as you would your guitar. However, all edges, screwholes, routs , countersinkings etc are fully sealed against moisture. Random wetting will not harm them, just wipe dry with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

Hand Made?

Each pickguard is totally hand-made, and is a one-off, individual piece. When you purchase your pickguard as shown, that’s the one that you get.

‘Weight’, as shown on each product page, is the average packed shipping weight.

Custom not available

Sorry.. but as of September 01, 2020 no further custom orders are possible.


During ten years plus, we have not had one warranty return, so we’re continuing with our 12 month full replacement warranty. If you do have an unlikely problem, please get in touch. We do everything possible to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your Gilroy Guitars pickguard.
Damaged in shipping? Please return the item to us in it’s original packaging, we’ll fully replace it as soon as is possible…… Return address is on our CONTACT page…..

Scratchplate or Pickguard??

Same thing…. seems that alot of people call ’em scratchplates.. I call ’em pickguards – no difference

$10 Aus/NZ Shipping

Shipping usually takes place within 24 hours for an in stock pickguard or item.
The packed weight of a single pickguard averages to around 250gm – up to three Strat/Tele pickguards usually will ship for the same cost, excluding larger Tele-types.

Shipping times will vary dependent on your postcode, Aus/NZ etc.
Australian/NZ rates are US$10 (insured/tracked) – HOWEVER… shipping cost may show as $20 (‘shop glitch’!)… please contact me for a corrected invoice… Peter.


The final finish is in 100% gloss 2-pak finish, multiple coats. The polished surface is hard, and will resist minor scuffs and scratches inflicted by pick and or fingernails. After ten years on my own Strat we had some slight dulling, which was able to be easily polished out.

Outer Edges

The outer shaped edges are bevelled at 60 degrees. This angle makes the timber edge slightly thicker and stronger than a 45 degree edge would be. All neck, bridge, and pickup cuts are at 90 degrees.

After cutting, all edges have a minimum of eight coats of laquer, with a semi-gloss solid ‘black’ on outer edges. Other colours are available at a small extra charge..

Outer edge colour

The standard colour is black – others available at an up-charge – have done silver, also various solid colours. Some ‘naturals’ may look better on your guitar with a softer edge than black – some stain is preferred, as it helps hide the multiple timber plies… Contact Us for your required…

Packed for shipping

Prior to shipping, each pickguard is given a final polish, and is packed securely, between rigid board, plus bubble-wrap etc, to make it’s journey to you in pristine condition.

Shielding Included

YES – EVERY pickguard is fully rear-shielded with Y-Shield silver/carbon paint covering the whole rear surface, including the metal fiber tape which contacts your electronic components.
More recently – since mid 2017 we fit a .1mm Aluminum shield, again, covering the whole rear surface.

How thick is our rear shield?

We use 0.1mm Aluminum… how thick is that you ask?? It’s the same stuff as used in disposable aluminum baking trays – so about six times thicker than your average kitchen foil….. strong stuff…..

Pickguard Thickness??

Mostly they come in at 2.7 to 2.9mm, including rear shielding.


PLEASE NOTE – All prices listed are in US Dollars.
We only accept PayPal, both Standard and Express Payments… if you don’t have a PayPal account there’s no problems… you can pay through PayPal using your preferred Credit Card without opening a PayPal Account.

Duties and or Taxes

NO Duties are payable shipping into the United States…
CanadianTaxes of GST, PST, HST apply, total approximately 12.5% plus a small Duty payment of approximately 2.5%
Please check with your local authorities for UK and EU… rates and charges are varied depending on your country.


Maybe this question should’a come first… anyway….. My own guitars exhibit more sustain, with some tonal improvements over the OEM plastic pickguards. Reviews from customers back up my own observations. Things just seem more alive, harmonic, with notes carrying longer…..

Care and Maintenance

Almost zero requirement here…. wipe any moisture off with a microfiber cloth. Minor scuffs can be polished out with fine ‘scratch-remover’ type auto polish.


Weight shown for each product is the average PACKED for shipping weight – 240gm

Actual pickguard weight varies from type to type, but is LESS than an equivalent plastic pickguard by almost 30 percent!
Our average actual pickguard weights are as follows:
Strat 75 gms; Tele 60 gms; other weights available on request

Plastic pickguards however, are heavier!
Strat – up to 110 gms (Tortoise), Tele 87 gms (Tortoise)


You may return an UNFITTED and UNDAMAGED pickguard within 30 days of delivery for a full refund on the product only. We will only pay all shipping costs if the return is a result of our error, an incorrect or defective item.
Due to transit time for your return, plus PayPal processing, refunds take two to three weeks after you shipping. If you need to return an item, please use our CONTACT page, quoting your invoice number, and item SKU.

Sorry – there’s no returns or exchange on a custom ordered piece… we supply photos etc prior to cutting and finally shipping, to ensure you’re 100% happy with the product.. if not, we don’t ship…..


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